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Syma X11c RC Quadcopter Review

Syma X11C Quadcopter Review


Syma X11c RC Quadcopter Review: The Syma X11c is the same as the X11, except the c version has a camera. With this quadcopter you are getting a lot for your money. It is super easy to set up and fly, which is why we recommend it for beginners or even kids. Another reason this is a good quadcopter for kids is because has 360 degree drone/propeller guards surrounding the craft. If you crash it into someone on accident, they will be very thankful for the propeller guards. The rest of this article provides an in-depth Syma X11c Quadcopter Review.

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Syma X11c Specs
Picture Syma X11c Camera Drone
Price Range $
Type Quadcopter
Best For Quality Images/Video
Skill Level Beginner/Kids/All
Flight Time 6-8 minutes
Controller Transmission Range About 30 meters
Number of Rotors 4
Stabilization 6-Axis
Controller Frequency 2.4 GHz (4 channel)
Control System Remote Controlled
Camera Attributes
Camera Resolution 2MP
Video Resolution 720P
SD Card Type Micro SD
Ready to Fly
Aerobatic Stunts
Altitude Hold
Headless Mode
Automatic Takeoff
Automatic Landing
Weight 12 Ounces
Wingspan 6 Inches
  • 6 x 6 x 1.5 inches
  • 152 x 152 x 37mm
Material Composition Plastic
Available Colors Blue/Black/Red/White
Additional Product Information
Replacement Parts Available

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Flight Performance

The X11C has 6 axis gyro stabilization which is why it is so responsive and hovers in place well. We recommend using the trim setting features indoors to get the quadcopter hovering in place before taking the craft outside. Its 4 LED lights make the drone easy to orient, even at night. If you are a more experienced flyer, we find removing the propeller guards and/or camera does significantly increase the battery life of the craft.

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The Controller

Syma X11C ControllerThe transmitter for the Syma X11c is similar to others made by the company. With this remote controlled quadcopter you can do 360 flips by pressing the trick button on the controller and flicking the control stick in the direction you want it to perform the trick.

The controller has a nice ergonomic design and feels natural when holding. From the controller, you can also easily change the drones power settings.

One unfortunate thing is the controller does need 4AA batteries, so if you’re buying this for someone as a gift, you might want to send some batteries along with it.

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The Camera

Syma X11C Camera

The forward-facing camera on Syma X11c provides great video/images.

All data is stored on the 4MB micro SD card that is included with the craft. Start recording video with just the press of a button located on the side of the quadcopter.

You will know the camera is running when the green light located on the quadcopter turns on.

The Camera records 720P HD video, which is nice for a drone in this price range. You can also easy take still shots with a press of a button from the controller.


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Other Cool Features

This quadcopter has different power settings, so you can set it according to the operator’s flight experience, which is another reason this is a good easy to fly quadcopter for beginners. While the drone is hovering, you can easily adjust the trim using the trim buttons on the controller. We recommend getting the drone to hover in place before taking it outside or any long duration flights.

Charging the battery from 20 percent to 100 percent takes about 40 minutes. If you look at the flight manual itself, it says the expected time is 70 minutes, however we have found it takes about half that amount of time. The battery life is also slightly more than advertised. The manual says you can expect to get around 5 minutes of flight time, however we have found it lasts around 7-8 minutes. Charging this quadcopter is super easy, as all necessary accessories are included. If you to want to reduce downtime between flights, consider picking up an extra battery or two.

Tip for beginners: when you begin flying the drone make sure you are standing behind it and are facing the same direction it is, this will make it easier to control.

What is Included?

Syma X11C and accessories

  • Syma X11C quadcopter x1
  • 2.4 Ghz Remote Controller x1
  • One USB Charging Cord x1
  • Extra Propellers x4
  • 4 MB SD card x1
  • USD micro SD card reader x1
  • 3.7V 250mAh LiPo battery x1
  • 360 propeller guard x1
  • Syma X11c manual x1

One great thing about this quadcopter is it’s very easy to get replacement parts.

Many parts on Syma Drones are cross compatible.

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Pros and Cons


  • Great value
  • 2MP camera
  • Motors are quiet (gear driven)
  • Comes with 4 MB SD card
  • Comes with 250 mAh battery
  • Weighs 30 grams without battery


  • Video seems to bend when moving fast
  • No battery on/off switch
  • White balance is slow, but still good for the price
  • Screwdriver not included
  • Batteries not included

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Final Thoughts and Where to get it for the Best Price

We Recommend the Syma X11C for beginners, kids, or just anyone looking for a good fun little quadcopter to play with.

We recommend buying it from this suppler here if you want it in red Price Check Syma X11C RC Quadcopter – Red on Amazon

Or here if you want it in black Price Check Syma X11C RC Quadcopter – Black on Amazon!

The great thing about amazon is the have competitive, if not the best price. Also, they usually offer free shipping.

This concludes our Syma X11c RC Quadcopter Review, thanks so much for visiting our site! If you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. We always like to hear other users opinions/experiences.

8 Total Score
Great Little Quadcopter for Begineers!

We recommend this product to anyone looking for a good inexpensive quadcopter. Its a lot of fun and is great for flying indoors or outdoors.

Camera Quality
Flight Time
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User Rating: 4 (4 votes)

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