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GoPro Karma Drone Review, The Camera, Features, Flight Modes, and More.

GoPro Drone Review

Brief Overview

Looking for a drone to capture some amazing outdoor shots, and/or easily share your experiences with others live? If so, the GoPro Karma Drone is probably for you, especially if you already have a GoPro. The GoPro Karma with a GoPro hero 5 is a similar price to the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. To view a side by side comparison, click here. It’s hard to speak generally about which drone is better for you, because they were both designed for different things.

The GoPro Karma is slim and compact drone with retractable arms, making it ideal for transportation. The Gimbal, which GoPro calls the stabilizer, is detachable, and can also be used as a handgrip. This feature is similar to what DJI Has included on their inspire series, but that is at a much higher price point. Another great thing about the Karma is that it comes with a backpack carrying case. DJI and other companies do sell great carrying cases for their drones, but you have to buy them separately.

The Karma system is more than just a drone that allows you to get aerial photography. GoPro advertises the system as a “life capturing solution.” The GoPro Karma grip allows you to take your other gopro mounts and mount the karma gimbal to them for some great handheld shots. For diehard GoPro fans, the Kara drone is a great buy. This quadcopter comes with auto shot paths, which gives 4 awesome flight modes, including orbit, dronie mode, reveal, and cable cam (read more about each below).

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GoPro Karma Flight Modes

Orbit Mode – lets you fly the drone up in the air. You can pick a point on your screen, as well as a desired radius you want to drone to fly on. The Drone flies around in a circle giving you an amazing shot of a desired point at all angles.

Dronie Mode – Set the drone up in front of you for a selfie shot. The drone then flys backwards and up, revealing the operator’s location and giving the viewers an awesome perspective.

Reveal Mode – This is a Hollywood shot where the camera start from the downward position and as the drone moves forward it slowly pans up, revealing what is in front of the camera.

Cable Cam Mode – The name comes from how cameras are often connected to a cable and slowly moved along the cable to give a smooth moving shot. Well, with drones you can do this without a cable. Basically, the drone just moves slowly using GPS coordinates to give a great moving shot.

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The Controller

GoPro Karma ControllerUnlike the phantom controllers, the GoPro drone controller was designed to be more like a gaming controller.

It was also designed to make controlling the quadcopter easy and intuitive.

It has a built in LCD that folds up, and while it is in the downward position it covers the pad.

Another great thing is you will never need to control the drone with your smartphone because the controller is included.

Easily automatically takeoff and land the drone with a single touch on the controller screen.

The screen is super bright and easy to view, even on bright days or if you are wearing sunglasses.

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The GoPro Passenger App

The Karma was designed to allow users to share their experiences with others. This application does just that, it allows others to tag along on your experiences as a passenger. It allows others them to see live video and control the camera through their smartphone or tablet. This allows you to focus on controlling the drone while they control the camera, allowing you to have a more enjoyable experience. Download the app for free on App Store or Google Play.

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The 4k Camera

The GoPro Drone is compatible with the Hero 5 or Hero 4. These cameras are capable of recording 4k video and live stream aingt 720p. The gimbal stabilizer is located on the front of the drone, which has some pros and cons. With DJI drones when moving forward at high speeds, the drone tilts forward, which can cause the propellers to show up in the corners of the shot. With the gimbal located in the front, there is no chance of seeing the propellers in the shot. One concern of the gimbal and GoPro located in the front, durability comes into question. Although the camera does give some amazingly smooth shots, its response time is not as fast as some other drones at this price point.

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The Battery

The battery is one major complaint users have with the GoPro drone. It is advertised to last 20 minutes, but most users experience the battery only lasts about 15-16 minutes before it automatically lands the drone. This is not a huge deal if you have extra batteries, but the Karma only comes with one. You can buy extra batteries, but they are rather expensive (around $99).

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GoPro Drone Specifications

GoPro Drone with Hero 5
Price Range $$$
Type Quadcopter
Best For Outdoor Video/Photos
Skill Level All
Flight Time 20 minutes
Controller Transmission Range 9,840ft (3000m)
Number of Rotors 4
Max Speed 35 mph (15 m/s)
Max Ascent Speed N/A
Max Decent Speed N/A
Hover Accuracy Range N/A
Operating Temperature N/A
Max Altitude 10,500ft (3,000 meters)
Max Wind Speed Resistance 22mph (10m/s)
Ready to Fly
GPS Compatible
Altitude Hold
Position Hold
Autonomous Flight
Headless Mode
Follow Me Capable
Automatic Takeoff
Automatic Landing
Return Home Feature
Weight 35.5oz (1006g)
Wingspan 16.2 inches (without propellers)
Dimensions 12" x 16.2" x 4.6"
Material Composition Plastic
Available Colors Black/White
Camera Attributes
Camera Resolution 12 megapixels
Max Bitrate 30 fps
IOS Range N/A
Video Resolution 4K/30FPS (Hero5)
Stabilization Electronic
Lens Field of View N/A
Sensor N/A
SD Card Type Micro SD
Lens Focal Length N/A
Video and Camera Capabilities
Shutter Speed Up to 5 seconds
Photo File Formats DNG (RAW) + JPEG
Photo/Video Modes
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
  • Digital Image rotation
  • Photos While Moving
  • HiLight Tag
  • Loop Recording
  • Night Lapse
  • Voice Control
  • Time Lapse
  • Protune
Max Image Size 3840 x 2160
VR Headset Compatible
Live Streaming Capable
Flight Modes
  • Orbit Mode
  • Dronie Mode
  • Reveal Mode
  • Cable Cam Mode
Stabilization 3 axis (pitch, roll, yaw)
Controllable Range Pitch: -90 to (down/up)
Max Controllable Angular Speed N/A
Angular Control Accuracy N/A
Additional Product Information
Replacement Parts Available

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Other Cool Features

GoPro Drone Backpack

If you already have a GopPro hero 4 you won’t have to buy a new GoPro because the GoPro Karma is compatible with the hero 4.

Another cool feature the GoPro drone has is a playback feature, so you can replay footage you just took while the drone is hovering in place.

This allows you to make sure you captured the shot just as you wanted before moving on to something else.

As we said before this GoPro Karma Quadcopter comes with a great backbackpack/carrying case.

The low profile of the drone allows for the backpack to be thin, making it super easy to take with you anywhere you go without being a big hassle.

Everything you’ll need to capture your experiences fits easily and organized in the GoPro Backpack.

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Pros and Cons


  • Super portable
  • Low profile
  • Foldable landing gear
  • Everything fits into case
  • Karma grip is detachable
  • Remote is unique and user friendly
  • Compatible later GoPro models
  • Modular (easily to replace broken parts)
  • Very smooth shots
  • Price is competitive



  • Memory card not included
  • No Sensors (obstacle avoidance)
  • Need a GoPro or pay more to buy it with a GoPro
  • Flight time is less than advertised (around 15 rather than 20)
  • Camera and Gimbal are not protected by landing gear like on DJI drones


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Final Thoughts and Where to Buy for Best Price

If you’re looking for a great drone to video your outdoor activities and adventures, the GoPro Karma drone is a good choice. If you already have a GoPro and you’re happy with the video footage, buying the Karma is a no brainer. You get more drone for less money because you don’t have to pay for a camera you don’t need. If you need to record professional videos for film, the rectilinear squared off look from the DJI drones might be better for you.

The Karma is priced at a competitive point. We recommend buying from amazon because they are reliable, usually have the best price, and offer free shipping. If you’re looking to buy the drone without a camera we recommend buying from the supplier here Price Check GoPro Karma Without Camera on Amazon!.

If you want to buy the drone with the hero 5, we recommend buying from the supplier here Price Check GoPro Karma with Hero 5 on Amazon!.

We hope you enjoyed our GoPro Karma Drone review, thanks for visiting our site!

9.4 Total Score
Great Easy to Fly Drone to Capture Adventures

The GoPro Karma Drone has many great features, and like GoPro says, it is a whole lot more than just a drone.

Camera Quality
Flight Time
Control Range
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User Rating: 4.71 (7 votes)

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