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DJI Spark Fly More Combo Review, is it Worth It?

DJI Spark Fly More Combo Bundle Package

Brief Overview

Are you wondering is the DJI Spark Fly More Combo worth it? I will cover this, as well as the flight modes, new features, pros and cons, what’s included, and the where you can buy it. We recommend you buy the DJI Spark from Amazon or DJI directly.

Spark, the newest DJI Drone, is packed with a lot of great features for under 500 bucks stand alone. This review will cover is both the solo and bundle package.

Spark can easily be launched from the palm of your hand and has a powerful facial recognition system. Although it is less expensive than other DJI quadcopters, it is still has awesome flight modes and an obstacle avoidance system built in.


DJI Spark Drone Specifications
Picture DJI Spark Fly More Combo
Price Range Mid
Type Quadcopter
Best For Quality Video/Photos
Skill Level All
Flight Time 16 minutes
Controller Transmission Range 1/2 miles (2km)
Number of Rotors 4
Max Speed 31mph (50kph) Sport Mode
Max Ascent Speed 9.8 ft/s (3m/s) in sport mode
Max Decent Speed 9.8 ft/s (3m/s)
Hover Accuracy Range
  • + or - 0.1m vertical
  • + or - 0.3m horizontal
Operating Temperature
  • 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 0 to 40 degrees Celsius
Max Altitude N/A
Max Wind Speed Resistance 13-18mph (20-28kph)
Ready to Fly
GPS Compatible
Altitude Hold
Position Hold
Autonomous Flight
Headless Mode
Follow Me Capable
Automatic Takeoff
Automatic Landing
Return Home Feature
Weight 0.67 lbs (300 grams)
Wingspan 170mm (diagonal size)
  • Height - 83mm (folded)
  • Width - 83mm (folded)
  • Length - 198mm (folded)
Material Composition durable engineering plastic
Available Colors White, Red, Green, Teal, Orange
Camera Attributes
Camera Resolution 12 megapixels
Max Bitrate 24 mbps
IOS Range
  • 100 to 3200 (video)
  • 100 to 1600 (photo)
Video Resolution Stabilized 1080p
Stabilization 2-axis
Lens Field of View 81.9 degrees
Sensor 1/2.3" (CMOS)
SD Card Type Micro SD
Lens Focal Length 25mm
Video and Camera Capabilities
Shutter Speed 2s-1/8000s
Photo File Formats DNG (RAW) + JPEG
Photo/Video Modes
  • single shoot
  • burst shooting 3 frames
  • auto exposure bracketing (AEB)
  • EV bias
  • Internal 2/3/5/7/10/15/20/30/60s
Max Image Size 4000x3000
VR Headset Compatible
Live Streaming Capable
Flight Modes See Flight Modes Section
Stabilization 2 axis (pitch, roll0
Controllable Range Pitch: -85 to 0 degrees
Max Controllable Angular Speed N/A
Angular Control Accuracy N/A
Additional Product Information
Replacement Parts Available
Price Check Amazon Price Check Amazon
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The Full HD Camera

DJI Spark CameraThis is the first drone in this price range with a mechanically stabilized gimbal, which always for clear and smooth video. Its full HD camera shoots 2.7k video (1080p after stabilization).

The camera also features something called shallow focus mode, which allows you to take crystal clear photos of an object, but leave the background blurry.

The lens has a focal length of 25mm (81.9 degrees FOV). The aperture is fixed at f/2.6 fixed. It shoots 12 megapixel photos and has some awesome photo modes including single shot, multiple shot (it shoots many pictures and you can pick the best one), AEB modes, and panorama modes (vertical and horizontal). Now, lets keeps this DJI Spark Review moving by talking about some of its flight modes.

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6 Intelligent Flight Modes

Normal Mode: Well, this is obvious and doesn’t need an explanation.

Quick Shot Mode: Creates cool shots automatically that you can view and upload quickly

Dronie Mode:  sub mode under quick shot, drone flies backwards and up, while keeping you in the center of the shot.

Circle: Another sub quick shot mode. Allows you to select a location or person and the drone flies around that object and gets shots from all angles.

Helix: Another quick shot sub mode that is similar to circle except the drone continues to circle the object and raise in height.

Active Track Mode: Drone tracks your location and keeps you in the center of the shot, allowing you to get some awesome moving shots

TapFly Mode: You tap where you want the Spark to fly on your smartphone screen and it will automatically fly to that location.

Tripod Mode Mode: Slow but super clear cinematic shots

Gesture Mode: Allows you to control the drone with your hands and other movements.

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Notable Features

Bottom of DJI Spark

#1 The drone can be controlled using gestures alone, so you really done even need smartphone or remote controller to operate the DJI Spark.

#2 The front of the drone has a built-in obstacle avoidance system, so this drone is even safe for inexperienced drone flyers.

#3 The bottom of the drone has 2 sonar sensors and a vision positioning camera located on the bottom of it, which makes it great for flying indoors or anytime GPS signal cannot be found. The drone does use US GPS systems as well as GLONASS positioning system, which allow for great accuracy.

#4 This drone uses the DJIGo4 App that allows you to live stream video and share pictures on the go. It even allows for videos to be edited captured footage through the app.

#5 The drone can also be hooked up with some awesome FPV googles that put you right into the cockpit.

#6 The motors are on the Spark are definitely a strongpoint, propelling this quadcopter at a top speed of 31 miles per hour in sport mode. Its strong motors also are a big reason why it performs well even on windy days.

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The Battery

DJI Spark BatteryThe battery isn’t a strong point of the spark, but it’s not too bad and you can always buy extras. The battery has 3 LED indicators that let you know how much battery life is remaining.

This 1480 mAh battery has three cells and weighs about 0.2 pounds. It is rated at about a 16-minute flight time, and takes about an hour to charge to full. The DJI sparks battery can also be charged wirelessly, so you can charge the drone on a portable charger on site.

This is a powerful feature that should not be overlooked. The battery charge can also easily be viewed through the DJI Application, which is a free download. Next on our DJI Spark Fly More Combo Review, let’s look at the controller.

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DJI Spark Controller

DJI Spark ControllerThe drone can be controlled with a smart phone, a dedicated controller, or simply by using gestures.

Let’s look at the DJI Spark dedicated controller. It can be operated in both 2.4GHz and 5.8Ghz. Using the controller you can stream live FPV right on your smartphone from up to 1.2 miles (2km) away.

If you want to read more about or buy DJI Spark Controller just check out the link to the left. It is included in the DJI Spark fly more combo bundle package

With a smart phone the max control range of 80 meters horizontal and 50 meters vertically. See specs table for max rage with dedicated controller.

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Pros and Cons

  • Small and compact
  • Hovers in place like a dream
  • Best drone in its price range
  • Autonomous flight
  • 2 Sonar Sensors
  • Vision positioning sensor on bottom of drone
  • Anti-Collision sensor on front of drone
  • Comes with a good box for storage
  • Mechanically Stabilized Gimbal
  • Made from durable engineering plastic
  • Led indicators on rotors
  • Great Intelligent flight modes
  • Many colors, including white, red, green, teal, and orange.
  • Drone arms are not foldable (can be a pro as well)
  • Battery life of 16 minutes is a little short
  • Obstacle avoidance has low range
  • Doesn’t shoot 4k Video
  • Could use higher frame rates


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Where to Buy DJI Spark Fly More Combo

DJI Spark Fly More Combo Bundle Package

The bundle package or fly more combo is an awesome deal. I will recommend where to get the best price DJI Spark below, but first let’s see what’s included.

What does the Fly More Combo Come with?

  • The drone Itself
  • Remote controller
  • An extra Battery
  • Propellar guards
  • Charger (instead of USB)
  • Power Cable
  • Battery charging hub
  • Shoulder carrying bag
  • And more

If you are looking to buy DJI Spark fly more combo I recommend checking out the pricing through the link below

Check Price of DJI Spark Fly More Combo on Amazon!

Buying everything together saves a lot of money and you won’t have to worry about anything down the road.

Final Thoughts

I would recommend this drone to enthusiasts of all levels. It will allow you to capture awesome photos and videos and upload them to social media or send to friends quickly with the DJIGo Application for your smartphone. The spark has set a new standard for drones around 500 dollars and is packed with many of the awesome features we have come to love from DJI.

Have a question or want to know where you can get the DJI Spark refurbished? Send us an email through the contact us form on the main navigation menu. Thanks for visiting my website.

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DJI Spark Review 2017

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