DJI Phantom 5 Release Date and What to Expect

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DJI is pretty good at keeping their newest drone projects a secret. Will we see the Phantom 5 in 2018? I will cover this in more detail below. They have recently released the Spark and Mavic Air instead of the DJI Phantom 5.

It’s obvious that DJI is pushing back the Phantom 5 release date to ensure this product meets the high expectations of the Phantom line. Also, they want to put out new drones in varying price points that the everyday consumer can afford. We all know Phantom drones come with a hefty price tag.

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What’s Being Said and What to Expect

A Quieter Drone: The DJI Phantom 4 is too loud. I get that it’s great to have a drone that can go over 40 miles per hour, but seriously I think most of us would prefer silence over speed. I’m sure DJI is taking this into account and taking a good look at this because the noise of the phantom 4 is a common complaint. People get annoyed when they are out trying to enjoy a beautiful and can hear the humming of a drones rotors.

Longer Flight Times: Longer flight times are always a plus. DJI should also make it possible to attach additional batteries or make it so we can buy a larger size battery that will still fit onto the phantom 5.

A Removable Gimbal: One great thing about Yuneec Drones is you can remove the gimbals and replace them if they are damaged. The phantom 4 is a very hard drone to repair and it would also be nice to attach GoPro cameras or thermal cameras.

Drone Last Known Position with the DJIGo App: If the drone crashes we all want to be able to find our expensive piece of technology. It wouldn’t be hard for DJI to add a little tracker built into the drone in case we lose connection with the drone. This would prevent us from losing our drones and wasting hard earned money.

A More Compart Drone: DJI’s recent drone releases have been designed with size in mind, and I think most of us appreciate that. The Phantom 5 should have retractable landing gear and rotary arms.

360 Spherical Camera: It would be awesome if DJI would make it so we could upload footage that could be viewed from all angles instead of just the direction the camera is pointing.

A Waterproof Drone: The ways people are using drones continues to grow. From fishing to kayaking, people are using drones around water more and more often. There are already more expensive drones on the market that are waterproof, but we are yet to see a DJI Waterproof drone. It’s a feature that I think a lot of us would love to see.

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The Camera

DJI Phantom 5 CameraI expect the Phantom 5 will have all the awesome flights modes the phantom 4 professional has, just with some little improvements and additions.

I expect a reliable camera that shoots 4k at 60 fps, but more importantly, a camera that can be removed and swapped out with third party cameras.

As I said above I really hope DJI finally incorporates a removable camera and gimbal. This will make the drone easier to customize and repair.

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DJI Phantom 5 Specs (Projected)
Picture DJI Phantom 5
Price Range Mid-High
Type Quadcopter
Best For Professional Video/Photos
Skill Level All
Flight Time About 30 Minutes
Controller Transmission Range About 4.5 Miles
Number of Rotors 4
Max Speed 45mph (50kph) Sport Mode
Max Ascent Speed 10 ft/s (3m/s) in sport mode
Max Decent Speed 10 ft/s (3m/s)
Hover Accuracy Range
  • + or - 0.1m vertical
  • + or - 0.3m horizontal
Operating Temperature
  • 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 0 to 40 degrees Celsius
Max Altitude N/A
Max Wind Speed Resistance About 20mph (20-28kph)
Ready to Fly
GPS Compatible
Altitude Hold
Position Hold
Autonomous Flight
Headless Mode
Follow Me Capable
Automatic Takeoff
Automatic Landing
Return Home Feature
Weight Hard to Project
Wingspan Hard to Project
Dimensions Hard to Project
Material Composition durable engineering plastic
Available Colors White, Black
Camera Attributes
Camera Resolution 20 megapixels
Max Bitrate 100 mbps
IOS Range
  • 100 to 3200 (video)
  • 100 to 1600 (photo)
Video Resolution
  • Cinematic 4k: 4096x2160 24p
  • 4k: 3840x2160 24/25/30p
  • 2.7K: 2720x1530 24/25/30p
  • FHD: 1920x1080 24,25,30,48,50,60,96p
  • 1280x720 24,25,30,48,50,60,120p
Stabilization 3-axis
Lens Field of View 81.9 degrees
Sensor 1" (CMOS)
SD Card Type Micro SD
Lens Focal Length 25mm
Video and Camera Capabilities
Shutter Speed Unknown
Photo File Formats DNG (RAW) + JPEG
Photo/Video Modes
  • single shoot
  • burst shooting 3 frames
  • auto exposure bracketing (AEB)
  • EV bias
  • Internal 2/3/5/7/10/15/20/30/60s
Max Image Size 4000x3000
VR Headset Compatible
Live Streaming Capable
Flight Modes See Flight Modes Section
Stabilization 3 axis (pitch, roll, yaw
Controllable Range Pitch: -85 to 0 degrees
Max Controllable Angular Speed N/A
Angular Control Accuracy N/A
Additional Product Information
Replacement Parts Available

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Release Date

Most people in the drone industry thought the DJI Phantom 5 release date would be in mid 2017, but with the recent release of the Spark, the presumed release date has been pushed to the right. DJI keeps their products release dates unknown, but if I had to guess I would say the Phantom 5 will released mid 2018. They just released the DJI Mavic Air, so i would guess the next release will be in the Phantom line.. Use this link here to search electronics to see if it’s for sale on amazon yet, DJI posts their drones for sale on amazon right away. Or, like our Facebook Page, we will post as soon as we learn more.

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Final thoughts

The phantom 5 will definitely be a game changer in the drone industry, I know DJI will make sure of that. I expect the phantom 5 price to be around 1600 dollars on initial release. I think this quadcopter will be quite a bit smaller than the phantom 4, but will still be able to handle strong winds like the Mavic.

If you have heard any news on the DJI Phantom 5, or just want to add what features you hope are incorporated into this drone, leave a comment below. Thanks for visiting Drones with Cameras..

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  1. Water prof also be great!

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