The Best Underwater Drones and Submarines, Listed by Price

Gladius Underwater Drone with CameraThis page reviews the best underwater drones for sale by price, meaning the more expensive products will be towards the bottom of the page.

Drones are quickly become more and more popular. They’re a lot of fun, and allow users to capture amazing photos/videos that never would have been possible.

From having fun in the pool, to scouting for a perfect fishing spot, to exploring a nearby body of water, underwater drones are useful tools.

We have listed our favorites by price, so you can find the perfect one to fit your budget.

If you’re looking for an underwater drone with 4k camera, you’re in luck, as there are a lot hitting the market in 2017. You might want to check out the Fathom One, Gladius, or Trident underwater HD camera drone. You can read more about them towards the bottom of our review.

SGS Waterproof Diving Submarine Toy

Waterproof Remote Control Submarine ToyLooking for a fun toy for the pool or local pond? This little remote controlled underwater submarine toy is a lot of fun for around $25. It’s surprisingly responsive and comes ready to dive out of the box.

It is capable of diving 0.5 meters (1.64 feet) beneath the water’s surface, and many users report it can go deeper with no trouble. If the submarine goes out of control range, it will simply float to the surface and you can dive again.

The battery lasts around 35 minutes, and it has a max speed of 0.1 meters/second. For more information and where you can get this sub, click the link below.

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German U-boat Submarine Drone

German Diving Underwater SubmarineThis is another cool looking mini underwater drone for sale. It has 3 motors to control static diving, and has a great propeller and rudder system that allow it to maneuver in any direction.

It has a cool German U-boat design and comes equipped with a forward facing LED light. Dive up to 0.6 meters (2ft) at a speed of up to 0.15 knots.

It comes with accessories, including a 3-channel remote control, 180 mAh LiPo rechargeable battery, and more. It has an estimated battery life of around 15 minutes, and takes about 20 minutes to charge to full.

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Mini Underwater Drone with Camera

Underwater Camera DroneLooking for a mini underwater drone with camera to take pictures of the fish in your fish tank or to take in the pool? This cool little submarine with camera comes with a 3-channel remote control and is equipped with 3 LED lights.

It also has a detachable arm you can use to feed your fish, allow you to take photos of them while feeding. Its a good mini submarine for under 100 dollars.

Note: It is UV operated so it works best indoors or on cloudy days without bright sun rays hitting it.

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Navy Diving Submarine DroneThis remote-controlled navy submarine drone is advertised to dive up to 1 meter (3.3 feet), however many users say they can get it to go much deeper. Its 6-channel remote allows the submarine to descend, ascend, and move 360 degrees in all directions using multiple propellers. It’s a fun toy to use in the pool or local body of water. It does have a red LED light you turn on located on the bottom of the sub, making it very cool looking at night. This navy submarine makes a for a great gift or toy.

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Gladius Submersible Underwater Drone

Gladius Underwater Camera DroneThe Gladius is a cool product expecting to hit the market in June of 2017. This is a great underwater drone with 4k camera. It is more expensive than the other drones above, but it also is much more capable.

It can dive up to 100 meters (328ft) and travel horizontally 500 meters (1640ft), all while staying underwater for up to 3 hours.

The 4k/1080P camera allows you to live stream amazing video right to your smartphone or tablet.

This products comes with a great carrying case, smartphone controller, smart imagery system, LED lights, IOS/Android App, long range Wifi buoy, semi tether connection, and more.

With Gladius’s many great features, you’ll find many great ways to use this product. The link below will take you right to their website if you did want to learn more or order this product.

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How are Underwater Drones Being Used Today?

Recreational Uses

  • Exploring – Recreational UAVs are often equipped with cameras, sonar, or lights to capture images of wildlife or scuba divers beneath the water’s surface.
  • Diving – Divers are starting to use autonomous drones, meaning they operate without a controller, to capture images and videos of their experience from a 3rd person view.
  • Fishing – Users have also used underwater drones for fishing. Some crafts even have special mounts to hook bait to attract fish. They also use them to scout for ideal fishing spots.

Commercial Uses

They allow companies to conduct precise surveys of areas of underwater terrain that otherwise would ineffective or too costly. Scientists use underwater remote operated vehicles (ROVs) to study the floor of rivers, likes, and oceans.

Military Uses

The military uses underwater drones to accomplish many task including, intelligence gathering, surveillance, reconnaissance, underwater mine detection, equipment delivery, and more.

This concludes our best underwater drones with cameras review. Thanks for visiting our website, if you have any questions or comments or want to see a product added to our list, feel free to comment below.

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