The Best Drone Under 300 with Camera in 2018

Camera Drone Under 200 Dollars

Thanks for visiting our website, we have put together a great list to help you find the best drone under 300 with camera for sale in 2018. Some of the quadcopters we have to show you can record 2.7k video, stream live HD video right to your smartphone, and provide an awesome first person view (FPV). It’s hard to answer the question “what is the best drone under 300 dollars” without knowing what you’re looking to use it for. If you look at the heading of each copter, you can find what it’s best for. Check out our drone comparison chart to view the features and camera quality side by side. The jump in quality from 200-300 dollars is huge, for around 300 bucks you can get find a good drone for aerial photography, a good flight time, and long range. We also have listed some quadcopters you can mount your own camera to, so if you already have say… a GoPro, you can save money and just buy the craft itself. Anyway, let’s get into our list!

Compare Top Drones Under 300
Drone Under 300 Chart

Drone with a Camera Under 300The Upair One is a seriously good drone for less than 300 bucks. One of our favorite things about this quadcopter is the controller, with its built in 7-inch LED screen. This copter is first person view (FPV) capable, meaning it can live stream high definition video right to the monitor. It has powerful brushless motors that make it very powerful and handle well, even on windy days. We recommend this quadcopter to beginners, intermediate, and advanced level flyers, however we do not recommend it for kids because it does have such long-range capabilities. For kids, you’re better off buying something that is very durable with propeller guards. With an estimated flight time of 18 minutes and a video transmission distance of 500m, you can get some great shots with this drone! To get a reliable drone under 300 with GPS is great because the drone will have a much easier time holding its position and hovering in place. With a max speed of over 31 miles per hour (14 m/s) and a long battery life, you’ll have a blast with this camera drone.

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  • 2.7K Full HD Camera
  • Over 30 mph max speed
  • GPS Auto Return Feature
  • Max Range of 800 meters
  • 500 Meter Video Transmission Distance
  • 7 Inch LED Large Screen Allows for Great FPV Flight
  • LiPo Battery Provides an Estimated 180 Minute Flight Time
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MOTA Pro Live-4000

Quadcopter Under 300 DollarsThis quadcopter, from the creators of JETJAT series, is capable of live streaming high definition video and takes great images out of the box. This is a drone that’s easy to fly and operate, which is why we recommend it to drone enthusiasts of all levels. Its propeller guards prevent the drone from being damage during hard landings or crashes. It has great features such as 1 touch take off and landing, making it good quadcopter for less experienced flyers. Its 3D tumbling feature allows for hard turns and barrel rolls through the air. If you’re looking for the best fpv drone under 300 dollars, the MOTA Pro will not disappoint.

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  • 720p High Def Camera
  • Battery Life of 6-7 Minutes
  • Control Range of 80 Meters
  • Capable of Live Streaming Out of the Box
  • Very Responsive and Can Perform Aerobatic Stunts
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Hubsan H501S X4

Hubsan FPV DroneThe Hubsan X4 is an impressive looking quadcopter with a great design. It comes standard with an integrated 1080p HD camera and 4.3 Inch LCD screen (480×272 resolution) built into the controller. Headless mode makes this possibly the best video drone under 300 bucks for beginner/intermediate level flyers, because it makes it very easy to control. Headless mode orients the copter to the controller, so you don’t even have to worry about which direction the nose of the craft is facing. It has a unique follow me and GPS lock that makes the drone easier to fly for beginners. The great design and lightweight airframe of this copter gives it an estimated 15-20 minute flight time.

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  • 1080p FPV Camera
  • GPS Lock Increases Stability
  • Estimated 15-20 Minute Flight Time
  • Built in Monitor (4.3 Inch) LCD Screen
  • Remote Control Range of 70-100 Meters
  • Auto Return, Follow Me Function, and Altitude Mode


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Nano Smart 1 Plus Drone with Camera

Nano Drone Under 300The Nano Smart 1 is probably the best nano drone under 300 dollars. This palm size mini quadcopter weighs in at under a half pound (0.42 lbs), and has a wingspan of 9.9 inches (150mm). It has a built in fpv camera that streams live HD video (720p). It’s a good done to stick in a backpack or suitcase because it’s so small. Easily share your pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or Instagram with the press of a button with the ONAGOfly application, which is a free download. You can take awesome video with this quadcopters autonomous flight modes that let you take 360 degree video totally hands free. Precise GPS following allows the drone to follow you by tracking your mobile phone. With a remote-control range of 50 meters, good flight time of 10-12 minutes, and a max speed of 33 miles per hour (15m/s), you’ll be able to captures some amazing shots. Features like return home, auto takeoff, and auto landing making flying the Nano Smart 1 enjoyable.

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  • 720P HD Video
  • 50 Meter Flight Range
  • 10-12 Minute Air Time
  • 10-12 Minute Air Time
  • GPS Hovering and Tracking
  • 33 Miles Per Hour Max Speed
  • Estimated 15-20 Minute Flight Time
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Flexify Foldable Collapsible Quadcopter with GPS

Foldable Quadcopter Without a CameraThe Flexify Foldable Quadcopter is a good camera drone under $300. This quadcopter is seriously hard to break even if you’re trying to. It easily folds up into a block for transportation. You can operate this quadcopter by smartphone or remote control. If you already have a GoPro, this quadcopter might be a good option for you. You can save money and get a better quality quadcopter for the money. With a battery life of 22 minutes and a great control range, you can capture some amazing photos and videos with this foldable gps drone under 300 with camera. Do note that the App is only compatible for Android, the quadcopter does not come with a camera or gimbal, but it does come with a GoPro clip, so you can easily mount your camera.

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  • Ready to Fly
  • 8.5 x 8.5 x 7 inches
  • 22 Minute Flight Time
  • Auto Takeoff and Landing
  • 10-12 Minute Air Time
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Folding 250 Quadcopter FPV RC Racing Drone

Racing-Drone Less than 300 DollarsThis UAV is built with powerful and efficient brushless motors to ensure a maximum racing speed of just under 45 miles per hour (20m/s). Some customers ask us what are the best FPV racing drones under 300 dollars for sale. Well, this folding rc quadcopter with camera streams 720p HD video, has a 300 meter control range and estimated flight time of 15 minutes. It weighs 550 grams and has a diagonal length of 250mm. Its compact design makes this UAV easy to pack away into a backpack and very convenient to take with you wherever you go. Its intelligent LiPo battery powers the craft for up 15 minutes, allow you to record great video, that is transferred back to the bright LED screen built into this quadcopters controller. If you’re looking for a fast and durable racing quadcopter, give this one a good look. To read more about the camera’s specifications or the craft itself, click on the image.

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  • 720P HD Camera
  • Max speed 20 m/s
  • Flight Time of 15 Minutes
  • Brushless Motors
10 Total Score
Drone Under 300 with Camera

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